Innovations That Have Changed The Pressure Cleaning Industry

Innovations That Have Changed The Pressure Cleaning Industry

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Over recent decades the advances, innovation and progression of technology has dramatically changed today’s modern world. In light of these technological advances, there have been many mechanical progressions and engineering developmental milestones that have changed the ever reliable pressure washer. Today’s consumers are now facing a wider array of serious pressure cleaning equipment. Many are being designed to handle the toughest of any situation and can be used to clean any surface at anytime of the day. Particularly there has been tremendous advancement regarding tri-mode engineering, water recovery and recycling pressure cleaning.

Today’s modern eco-friendly pressure washers are incomparably superior to previous cleaning technology offered approximately 15 years ago. Additionally, aside from offering greater handling, hours of trouble free operation and durability they are often available at radically lower costs to the consumer.

Our posting is going to discuss three major innovations that have essentially revolutionized the exterior house washing and pressure cleaning industry. Initially were going to explore tri-mode capabilities, secondly water recovery and conclude by discussing water recycling.
Tri-Mode Capabilities

These tri-mode capabilities simply refer to the option of multiple cleaning options regarding water temperature that are available to the operator throughout their washing procedure. These types of equipment are a respond to further environmental concern regarding the use of hazardous chemicals to clean and remove motor oil and grease stains. The tri-mode equipment provides pressurized water at temperatures in excess of 100°C to remove many of these stains without any requirement of hazardous chemicals throughout the process.
Water Recovery

These machines have provided further fields of expansions for many commercial and industrial pressure cleaning operators. These types of machines are a powerful combination of pressure washing and wet vacuum equipment, they not only clean a surface but recover and extract water used throughout the process. Upon the manufacturing of these types of equipment many contractors have expanded their fields of operation to include internal floor cleaning, commercial floor and warehouse washing because traditional inefficiencies of waste water collecting and flooding the premises are now concerns of yesterday.
Water Recycling

These machines are often regarded by many throughout the industry as the pinnacle of pressure cleaning equipment and are often the envy of many contractors. These units are designed to be entirely environmentally conscious and act to preserve to conservation of our water. Many of these units are adapted from water recovery machines, but have undertaken extensive modification to include additional water recycling equipment. A major beneficial factor of these machines includes the ability to operate independently of a primary water source.

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