Information About High Pressure Steam Cleaning

Information About High Pressure Steam Cleaning

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What in the world is high pressure steam cleaning? In our article we answer that question and many more! High pressure steam cleaning provides contractors a powerful cleaning solution. Steam is the best natural cleaning agent – its powerful cleaning power cuts through grease, oils and grime to leave your surface clean and looking a million dollars!

The above photo is an example of our high pressure steam cleaning equipment. In the photograph we are using our whirl-a-way surface cleaner. The device provides a precise clean and avoids ‘zebra’ marks from occurring. In the photograph we have generated water temperatures in excess of 120°c. This image is copyright protected by Quickly Please Cleaning Services
What Is High Pressure Steam Cleaning?

Perhaps you’ve heard of high pressure cleaning, ‘a gerni’ or a water blaster, but what in the world is a high pressure steam cleaner? A steam cleaner combines a traditional cold water pressure washer and a hot water boiler and turns your standard pressure washer into a high pressure steam cleaner. Steam cleaners don’t provide a steam only output, the output is a pressurized stream of water and steam.

The hot water boilers used are not your standard boilers you have to have warm water in you’re shower. These hot water boilers can generate temperatures in excess of 150°c, while generating an output of in excess of 21litres per minute. The boilers range from 12volt powered to 240volt systems.

Steam is excellent for outdoor cleaning and easily cuts through the toughest of stains. Steam is commonly used in internal scenarios such as tiles, bathrooms and carpets. Steam has excellent anti-bacterial properties and kills germs, bacteria and other contaminants at a cellular level. For outdoor application high pressure steam is excellent for sandstone cleaning, removing oil stains from driveways and blasting away chewing gum from hard surfaces.

These machines have revolutionized the high pressure cleaning industry. Contractors in the industry insist on using high pressure steam to clean! Don’t risk inferior cleaning results insist that you contractor uses steam! All of the staff at Quickly Please Cleaning Services use high pressure steam cleaning equipment. We provide our services to Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan area. We accept all major credit cards and operate 7 days a week. We provide free quotes and senior’s discounts.

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