Information About High Pressure Cleaning and Exterior Maintenance

Information About High Pressure Cleaning and Exterior Maintenance

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If you have been able to bear the cold weather and begun to adventure outside, we are sure you have started to notice dirt, algae and a layer of grime on your outdoor surfaces. To clean the contaminants from these surfaces, you may have of thought to use a high pressure cleaning or Gerni to blast the grime away.

To help you start your next project energetically, we have decided to write a quick article to provide you with helpful tips, tricks and other trade secrets about high pressure cleaning.

High Pressure Cleaning Tips

Before we provide you with a list of help hints about high pressure cleaning, we wish to discuss the importance of safety. The following information may appear obvious, but we often encounter individual’s high pressure cleaning a surface barefoot! We believe safety is the most important aspect that’s often overlooked.

We highly advise that you wear gloves, protective goggles, and protective clothing and footwear. You should never high pressure clean a surface or building façade on a ladder.

We have heard of horror stories where individuals have fallen and severely injured themselves. We believe that if you can’t clean or blast it from the ground that you should leave it to the professionals. A professional has access to a range of devices that enable them to clean surfaces 5ft above from the ground.


Where is  High Pressure Cleaning Applicable?

We are often asked what can and what can’t you clean with a high pressure cleaner. The answer to the question is difficult, because pressure washers can be used on a range of surfaces. High pressure cleaning is a versatile solution capable of blasting away more than a layer of dirt, grime or sludge.

You can use a pressure washer to remove paint that has flacked or those tough stains that have become embedded deep into your surface. The surfaces you can clean are truly endless. We always advise you carry out a test patch on any surface before you commence. You can high pressure clean driveways, concrete paths, tennis courts, timber decks and your car.

Pressure cleaning equipment ranges from domestic to commercial grade equipment. These can be powered by electricity, petrol or diesel. These machines can be highly mobile, or be mounted to a vehicle or trailer. There are options to add hot water or steam, as well as a number of cleaning nozzles.

Don’t become too caught up on PSI and horse power. It’s very important you don’t use excessive force or pressure to clean a surface. You can cause permanent damage to the surface. In the hands of a trained technician, high pressure cleaning can be extremely effective and safely used on a range of surfaces.

Detergents can help you achieve a better result. We recommend you search around for a local cleaning supply company and enquire if they have any detergents available. Detergents help break the bond between the dirt and grime. High pressure cleaning will be much easier when the dirt and grime are already beginning to break down. These cleaning detergents are often environmentally friendly.

We hope you found the article informative and interesting. We have years and years of experience in high pressure cleaning. We are more than happy to answer your questions. Please feel free to write a comment below if you require a quote for high pressure cleaning, call us on 0431 585 783.

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