Industrial & Commercial Factory Floor Cleaning

Industrial & Commercial Factory Floor Cleaning

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Do you own a mechanics workshop or commercial premise? If so, we are sure that you have understand factory floor cleaning is a necessary task. Factory floors accumulate large amounts of dirt, dust, grime and oil. Because factory floors are high traffic areas for countless forklifts, pallet jacks, pallets and employees.

Factory floor
Does your factory floor look like the photo above? We can help transform your factory floor. We provide a range of commercial high pressure cleaning and industrial power scrubbing solutions! Whether you have 100m2 factory or 10,000m2 warehouse we can provide a fast and effective factory floor cleaning solution for your business
Why Is Factory Floor Cleaning a Important Task?

Factory floor cleaning is an important procedure because it can improve the safety and presentation of your business. High pressure cleaning prevents the surface from becoming dangerously slippery or unhygienic, as it removes bacteria, oil stains, tyre rubber and dirt from the surface. You’ll often find that the dirt and grime become embedded into the surface and can be very difficult to remove using conventional cleaning techniques. The application of a broom, a bucket and elbow grease will not remove the dirt from the floor. Additionally, factory floors commonly have grease and oil stains as well as tyre rubber from forklifts. These stains are difficult to remove and require commercial pressure cleaning equipment.

To overcome the difficulties associated with factory floor cleaning many business owners outsource to a company which has commercial grade high pressure cleaning equipment and industrial scrubbers/sweepers. High pressure cleaning is a very effective cleaning method for commercial premises. High pressure cleaning will blast away dirt and grime from the factory floor and give the surface that new appearance. Because factory floors are often subject to countless forklifts tyre marks build overtime. A very effective way to remove tyre marks is by high pressure steam cleaning.

Recently, the commercial cleaning sector has responded to growing concerns about protecting our environment. We are proud to announce we have a range of environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals. Factory floor cleaning should not impose a significant cost on our environment. If the management of waste water is a concern we have a range of water recovery vacuums. We can recover all waste water in our factory floor cleaning process. The recovered water is filtered to remove solid and then discharged into sewage (accordance to EPA guidelines).

For commercial premises you’re not limited to high pressure cleaning; there are other methods for factory floor cleaning. You could use a power scrubber. A power scrubber is a fast and inexpensive way to remove dust and other fine particles from the surface. Power scrubbing is a non-abrasive procedure. Power scrubbers operate in a powerful synergy, combining an aggressive scrubbing brush, a high powered vacuum and water recovery system. The surface is scrubbed and all waste water is recovered. We highly recommend this method of factory floor cleaning for removing large amounts of surface dust from the warehouse.

If you are from Sydney or Melbourne and require factory floor cleaning please contact us on 0431 585 783. We have years of experience in factory floor cleaning and warehouse wash-outs. We have a range of commercial cleaning equipment and provide after-hour services to ensure we don’t interfere with your business.

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