Improve the Prospect of Selling Your Home

Improve the Prospect of Selling Your Home

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First impressions can significantly impact on the prospect of selling of your home. Decisions of purchase are often influenced by impressions and emotions. First impressions are often made within the first ten seconds by a potential buyer, when viewing a property. When selling your home it is important to consider the perspective and first impression of a potential home buyer. Property presentation can improve the prospect of selling and the chance of obtaining the highest possible value for your home.

Due to the competitive nature of the real estate market, it is important to consider all aspects of your home including the interior and exterior. When selling your home it is important to consider the entire property. This also includes the exterior appearance and presentation of the property.. The importance of exterior presentation is often overlooked by many home owners.

When entering your property onto the market it is important to ensure that your home is presented in clean and tidy manner.
Exterior Presentation

Driveway and front entrance pathways are cleaned.
Windows are cleaned
Lawns mowed
Hedges and shrubs are trimmed
Outdoor hard surfaces are cleaned

Interior Presentation

Remove any excess furniture from a room
Repair any obvious faults within the house
Clean and repair all curtains
Vacuum and clean all carpets
Prepare and clean and bed spreads

Certain aspects of property maintenance and cleaning may require professional contractors to complete the work. In particular driveway cleaning and outdoor hard surface cleaning will require the use of high pressure cleaning equipment.

Implementation of maintenance and cleaning around your home will provide home buyers with a positive first impression which will improve the prospect of selling your home for the highest possible value.

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