How to Restore the Shine of Floor Tiles

How to Restore the Shine of Floor Tiles

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You have likely noticed that your tiled flooring will lose its shine over time due to things like dirt, stains and wear. Dirty flooring affects the aesthetic of the whole room, but how do you maintain that lovely shine? Quickly Please Cleaning provides the finest tile cleaning services Sydney can access, making them the experts when it comes to the answer.

The first thing you need is a professional regular clean from our experts. This makes it easier for you to maintain your shine at home, without the need for too much effort. A deep clean, two times a year ensures you only need to worry about touch-up spot cleans. This saves you time while making sure your tiles are properly cared for and will last you a significant length of time.

Read on for some at-home natural ways to spot clean your floors in-between our professional cleans.

Why we recommend natural cleaners

Commercial products are expensive, and without the right knowledge, you may pick the wrong one and do more harm than good. Our team will use industrial-strength cleaners for your deep cleans, meaning you only need to concern yourself with softer, natural cleaners during the spot clean.

This is a great example of how a professional deep clean helps you save money and protect the environment throughout the year. Use natural ingredients in your home to make your tile shine, and leave the more intense cleaning products to us.

Making your tiles shine with vinegar

So you’ve had the Quickly Please Cleaning team out for your deep clean, but your floors need a little touch up to bring out their shine until the next one is due. Vinegar is a powerful natural cleaner that can be used across a variety of cleaning requirements.

Simply combine one part water with one part white distilled vinegar and stir to mix the two together. Never use undiluted vinegar to clean as this can damage your tile’s grout. The vinegar will disinfect your tile floors while also deodorising them.

Mop the floors with the solution and wring out the excess liquid, so the tiles are not saturated. Another method can be to pour the diluted vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it onto small sections, cleaning as you go.

Cleaning with an ammonia and water mixture

Another popular natural cleaning method can be the combination of 1/4 cup of ammonia with some warm water in a bucket. Much like you can do with the vinegar, soak a mop in the solution and clean the floors, avoiding too much excess water.

This will once again provide cleaning and disinfecting. This method is particularly useful if your tiles are showing a yellow discolouration or mildew. Ammonia is a great way to bring back a little shine. However, if you opt for this method, it is important to rinse the ammonia solution with clean water once you have finished cleaning, so no excess residue remains.

The best option for restoring your floor tile shine

While these spot cleans are great for a quick spruce of your tiles, they will not cut it as the only form of tile care you do. The spot cleans are recommended based on the assumption that proper deep cleaning is a regular part of your tile care process.

There are a few advantages to ensuring this:

  • You extend the longevity of your tiles, avoiding large costs of replacement down the line
  • You have a true bacterial clean helping your home be hygienic
  • Stains will be removed before they become permanent
  • Spot cleans will take less time
  • The correct cleaners will be used, avoiding any damage to your tiles

By handing this task over to professionals, you not only save time but enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your deep clean is being done thoroughly and correctly. At a minimum, you should deep clean your tile once every six months, more if you have heavy foot traffic or activities that can lead to oil and other materials in the tiled areas e.g. kitchens.

The advantages of a professional deep clean

Two main advantages come with having your deep cleans performed by the pros:

  1. You save time
  2. There is no risk of the incorrect chemicals or cleaning process, damaging your tiles

There are plenty of DIY horror stories in which good intentions and the attempt to save money have resulted in a more costly fix due to the incorrect cleaning product or process. Avoid this while saving yourself a chore by letting the professionals bring the shine back into your tiles. Many homeowners forget to take their time into account when calculating cost. Your time is important, and we can save you a lot of it.

Quickly Please Cleaning use industrial-strength cleaners that are not accessible via a supermarket or hardware store. We also have the knowledge and expertise to ensure the right cleaner is matched with your particular type of tile.

Want the shine back in your tiles? Choose the easiest and most effective option

Speak to the experts at Quickly Please Cleaning about a quote for your deep tile cleaning needs today. When it comes to tile cleaning, we have the experience and equipment needed to perfectly handle the task. Talk to us about setting up a regular deep clean schedule, so you never have to worry about your tiles again past a quick spot clean.

Our portfolio of work speaks for itself, and we have many repeat customers who know they can rely on our service. Do the right thing for your tiles, and protect your investment. Speak to Quickly Please Cleaning about the finest tile cleaning available today. You’ll see that shine again in no time!