House Washing – Not As Easy As It Looks

House Washing – Not As Easy As It Looks

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Do your exterior surfaces look old and dirty? Have you recently enlisted the services of a professional house washing company? We are sure that the contractor would have used a ‘soft-wash’ method to remove all of that dirt, grime, cob-webs and environmental staining from the surface. You may have noticed that the cleaning procedure looked rather simplistic. In the following article we further explore house washing, and outline to you why it’s not always as easy as it looks.

House washing is an industry that has really taken off over the last five years. There have been extreme weather scenarios, such as Sydney’s red dust storm that have really seen the service been in high demand. Additionally, there has been an increase in home improvement shows, with many people becoming inspired to improve the looks of their home. The ‘soft-wash’ method is a terrific way to wash homes. It may appear to be rather simplistic, but there’s much more to it than what meets the eye. It is often of critical importance that the contractor uses the correct detergents, and takes the necessary precautions to ensure surrounding plants, shrubs and vegetation are not harmed. The incorrect use of detergents or the incorrect combination of detergents will not be able to achieve the desired effect. To prevent damage to surrounding plants, you may have noticed the contractor applying clear protective sheets over the plants, and taken the time to water the plants. These are all very important procedures when house washing. These precautions are often necessary because most of the cleaning solutions use sodium hydroxide (bleach) – which can have disastrous effects on plants. After taking these precautions, we are sure that you would have seen the contractor manually scrubbing the surface. Manually brushing the surfaces is vitally important as it really loosens all of the surface contaminants, to ensure that they can be removed. You may have also noticed the way in which the detergents were applied. It is important that detergents are applied from bottom up. Applying in the opposite direction can cause streaking to occur.

I’m sure that you are beginning to see that house washing is no way as near as simple as it looks. I’d also like to refute the criticism of the technique being referred to as ‘splash-n-dash’. We believe the criticism is misguided and often propagated by those that don’t fully understand the ‘soft-wash’ procedure.

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