High Pressure Cleaning: Learn How To Do It Right!

High Pressure Cleaning: Learn How To Do It Right!

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Do you love outdoor cleaning? Do you spend all weekend high pressure cleaning and washing your exterior surfaces? Would you like to learn how to achieve professional outdoor cleaning results? In our article you’ll learn about preferred techniques, cleaning agents and heaps of other helpful advice about high pressure cleaning.
The 3 P’s: A Simple Guide To High Pressure Cleaning
Power (PSI), Position and Patience

– A common misconception about high pressure cleaning is that the more PSI you use the faster the cleaning and the quicker you can get done. Don’t use more than the recommended levels of pressure to clean a surface. Excessive force and abrasive levels of pressure can damage a surface. The damage caused can be permanent. You should always conduct a sample patch before you commence, and carefully examine the surface for damage. Please see our article for an overview of recommend levels: Click Here

– Another common misuse of a pressure cleaner would have to be using the equipment to clean and wash the exterior facade of a painted home. Don’t use a excessive force to clean such surfaces. We highly recommend a soft-wash approach for these scenarios. Please see our article for an overview of soft-washing: Click Here

– Position relates to the movements of the pressure lance. You don’t want to position the pressure lance to close to the surface. Attempt to maintain a constant distance from the pressure lance to the surface you are cleaning. A careful approach and controlled movements will prevent ‘streaking ‘or ‘zebra marking’ on the surface.

– Avoid rushing, and manage fatigue by taking regular breaks. Operating a pressure cleaner can be exhausting. Don’t push yourself to rush, take your time. A careful and methodical approach is always recommended. Follow these basic tips and you too can achieve a professional result.

We hope that you have found the following article helpful, and learned many useful tips about high pressure cleaning. If you have a question about any of aspect of exterior cleaning, please don’t leave a comment and our staff will endeavor to reply as soon as possible. To contact our staff please call 0431 585 783.

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