Heritage Building Cleaning and Maintenance

Heritage Building Cleaning and Maintenance

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A heritage site is an authorised title designated by the government of Australia. Heritage buildings represent iconic landmarks which signify historical cultural experiences that have contributed to our modern national identity. In the following article we discuss heritage building cleaning and the importance of maintaining these iconic building.

In order for a site to be deemed a national heritage it must comply with a stringent government criterion. A site that is deemed to be a national heritage is protected by a set of legislations and an array of special agreements between local governments, authorities and private owners.

A national heritage protection act has been recently developed by the government. The protection act represents an attempt by government to monitor, maintain and clean heritage sites. We applaud the government on the act, as these acts will preserve our historical past and promote our unique national identity.
Preservation, maintenance and cleaning

The pressure cleaning of a heritage building is a specialist procedure which involves state-of-the-art equipment, a range of bio-degradable detergents and hazardous chemicals. It requires a vast array of specialist industry knowledge. It is absolutely essential that the pressure cleaning techniques used don’t risk damaging the surface. Heritage buildings are constructed from materials that are over hundreds of years old; materials which are irreplaceable today.

The recently established national heritage protection agency closely monitors all aspects of pressure cleaning and surface restoration. The agency ensures that the chosen pressure cleaning methods comply with stringent quality measures.

The protection agency has developed a strict guideline of measures which prohibit the use of certain chemicals, cleaning procedures and equipment. These legislative acts promote and protect Australia’s national landmarks for the benefit of all future generations.

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