Hard Surface Flexi Pave Tennis Court Cleaning

Hard Surface Flexi Pave Tennis Court Cleaning

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There are many tennis court surfaces available for domestic, private and competition use. Unlike traditional concrete surfaces, today’s modern hard surface courts do not damage players knees and ankle joints.

Today’s hard surface courts often will consist of multiple coatings which contain a cushioning layer to protect the players joints while reducing and preventing player fatigue, which can assist in reducing injuries within game play. The cushion system found within the layers of the courts surface is complied of particles of rubbers and ground fillers. Often concrete or asphalt is used as the bottom layer or base of these surfaces, while an acrylic colour base is the final coat applied to the court. Hard surface acrylic tennis courts offer a superior playing surface which promotes even and fast ball bounce.

Hard surface tennis courts are available in a range of customisable colours and are available with everlasting white court lines. They are quickly becoming popular amongst many international players and are used in many tennis tournaments.

Hard surface acrylic tennis courts also offer a low maintenance schedule. This reduces the time spent cleaning and repairing the court and maximises the enjoyment and playing time on the court. Depending on the condition of the surface, often high pressure cleaning is the preferred and quickest method for restoring and cleaning the tennis court. High pressure cleaning is able to remove large amounts of dirt, grime and mould. Regular tennis court cleaning improves the playability of the court by removing and washing away any harmful contaminants and substrates which can erode the court and increase the possibility of players slipping within a rally.

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