Graffiti Removal: Everything You Need To Know

Graffiti Removal: Everything You Need To Know

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The ‘so-called’ art form of Graffiti Vandalism remains a growing concern for many residents, corporations and governments, and continues to costs tax payers on average thousands and thousands of dollars each year. Graffiti Vandalism remains an illegal act in all States and Territories of Australia. In light of these notions, our article is going to discuss a range of topics surrounding Graffiti – including advice regarding cleaning, answers to many of your commonly asked questions and methods to prevent vandalism.
Graffiti Removal Help

It’s very difficult to provide a detailed and comprehensive procedure for graffiti removal. In order to correctly clean and remove graffiti you need to identify a) the substrate that is required to be removal and b) the type of surface – because of the unknown amount of variables, our team have decided to create an easy-to-use graffiti removal chart of the surfaces that we clean on a regular basis.
Graffiti Removal Fact Sheet
Surface Type Step 1 Step 2 Step 2
Steel & Aluminium Application Of Methylated Spirits Use A Brush To Scrub The Affected Area Rinse Down The Surface
Traffic Sign Application Of Methylated Spirits Use A Cloth To Wipe The Affected Area Rinse Down The Surface
Plastic Playground Equipment Application Of Methylated Spirits Use A Brush To Scrub The Affected Area Rinse Down The Surface
Painted Brick Seek Out Professional Paint Colour Matching Apply Paint Remover And Manually Scrub Pressure Wash The Area and Paint Over
Colorbond Fencing Application Of Graffiti Removal Product Pressure Wash The Affected Area Paint Over

If you’re undertaking a DIY graffiti removal task we hope that you found the following information helpful.
Graffiti Facts – Did you know?

The Australian government spends an average of $200 million dollars a year to clean, remove and repair vandalism
The City Of Sydney spends an average of in excess of $2.5 million dollars a year to remove graffiti.
Increasingly many vandals are choosing to deface transportation trucks, delivery vans rather than traditional surfaces of buildings, walls and statues.

How To Prevent Graffiti Vandalism

There are currently many studies about the growing popularity and costs to the community from Graffiti Vandalism. In the list found below, you’ll find some simple strategies that you can use to help prevent vandals attacking your property – all of these suggestions are based on findings reported by various studies around the world.

Rapid Removal – in all of the documented studies about graffiti the most effective method of prevention was rapid removal, the studies showed that area’s cleaned after 24-48 hours of an attack in the majority of cases we often not subject to vandalism again.

Report, Report & Report – encourage citizens to actively report all acts of vandalism to their local authorities i.e. police, council, governments, etc

Anti-Graffiti Coatings – a specialised chemical treatment that acts to prevent paint substrates adhering to the surfaces and helps to remove the graffiti.

Please Say No To Legal Walls – attempts to reduce graffiti through the creation of ‘’legal walls’’ have only acted to accelerate and promote vandalism amongst youth.
Commonly Asked Questions

Q: How do you remove graffiti from our premises?

A: It generally incorporates the use of environmentally and bio-degradable chemicals and high pressure steam cleaning – for further detailed information please contact our offices.

Q: Why should I remove the graffiti now, and not just wait until further attacks occur?
A: An immediate response to the removal of graffiti not only acts to deter further attacks, but dramatically increases the chance of a successful removal – as the paint doesn’t become ingrained into the sub-strata of the surface

Q: What types of surfaces are you able to clean?
A: We are able to clean graffiti from a diversify range of surfaces.

Q: How do you remove graffiti from a painted surface?
A: In most of the cases our service can remove graffiti and not cause subsequent damage to underlying paint, although in some cases our staff professionally colour match the paint and re-paint the surface.

Q: What do Anti-Graffiti Coatings do?
A: They are specialised coatings that are designed to make the task of graffiti removal much easier, and are available in both long-life and sacrificial coatings.

Q: How much does it cost to remove graffiti?
A: Please contact our staff to organise an obligation free quote 0431 585 783

Q: Do you have an environmental policy?
A: Yes, all of are waste products don’t in any way ever risk polluting the environment – for further details and a copy of our environmental policy please contact our offices.

If you’re curious, got a question or want to learn more about Graffiti Removal or any other of our High Pressure Cleaning Services or House Washing Services please don’t hesitate to contact our offices today! 0431 585 783

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