Exterior House Washing Is Highly Recommended Before Painting

Exterior House Washing Is Highly Recommended Before Painting

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Its’ amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do! A fresh coat of paint can really make your home shine! However, a very important procedure before you paint is surface preparation. In the following article we provide an overview of exterior house cleaning and advocate the benefits of surface preparation before painting.

Exterior House Washing

It’s imperative you clean your home’s exterior before you paint. Its’ a very important procedure and exterior house washing is the fastest way to prepare the surface for painting. We assure you once you begin house washing you will see years of accumulated dirt and grime wash away before your eyes and you will be glad you decided to do it.

A clean surface helps the paint adhere to the surface. Paint manufactures grantee their product will last longer when applied to a clean surface. By painting over a dirty surface you are reducing the lifespan of the paint. Sure, you can paint over a dirty surface.

Yes, the paint will adhere to surface, but is it really worth doing knowing you will have to do it again in the near future. It’s well worth the effort to do it right the first time! Imagine repainting after 7 or 10 years as opposed to every 3 – 4 years. We hope this illustrates the importance of exterior house washing and surface preparation.

Exterior house washing is an excellent way to clean your home before painting. The procedure of exterior house washing is advocated by many of the industry leading painters. The procedure is a non-abrasive process.

It requires the use of a pressure cleaner and specially formulated cleaning detergents. If you are conducting a house wash yourself we recommend you remove any cob-webs or large debris from the surface manually.

Exterior House Washing Highly Recommended

We highly recommend you apply cleaning detergents from the bottom up. You avoid cleaning to large of an area at any one time. You rinse the surface using very low pressure and wash from the top, down. A house washing broom is a great accessory.

It can be used to effortlessly clean surfaces over 5meters from ground level. We recommend you begin painting a minimum of 72 hours after cleaning. Given the importance of exterior house washing we recommend you contact a professional company.

Exterior House Washing Company

Quickly Please Cleaning Services have helped thousands of home owners prepare their homes for painting, and we would love to help you! We specialize in high pressure cleaning and exterior house washing. We use the amazing ‘soft-wash’ method.

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