Equipment: Pressure Cleaning Accessories

Equipment: Pressure Cleaning Accessories

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If you consider yourself a home cleaning guru, than we know, that you’re going to love our article. In today’s article we discuss the attachments and accessories that a professional high pressure cleaner uses on a daily bases. These attachments play a vital role in supporting the technician, in achieving those amazing cleaning results.

In today’s publication of our blog, we’ll briefly discuss four of the most important accessories a professional pressure cleaning contractor uses. Our article will outline and briefly describe the features of a turbo nozzle, rotary surface cleaner, telescopic wand and chemical venturi.

Turbo nozzle

The turbo nozzle is very popular accessory that provides users with extra cleaning power. A turbo nozzle increases your cleaning pressure and provides a solution to removing those tough stains. The stream of water exerted by the turbo nozzle is concentrated into a single point and rotates at a very high speed. The circular motion covers a larger cleaning area and provides a greater effective working pressure.

Rotary floor surface cleaner

If you are serious about high pressure water cleaning, than we highly recommend that you purchase a rotary surface cleaner. These devices revolutionized the exterior cleaning and hard surface restoration industry. A surface cleaner provides users an effortless way to effectively clean the surface without any streaking. These devices are available in a wide range of sizes, and can be adapted to be used on walls.

Telescopic wand

The telescopic wand is an amazing accessory, and effortlessly cleans surfaces 5.5 meters from ground level. These devices remove the requirement for the use of ladders or scaffolding. The telescopic wand is an ideal solution for those difficult to reach situations. The wands are commonly used for projects such as exterior building facade cleaning and house washing.

Venturi nozzle

The venturi nozzle allows users to effortlessly apply a range of detergents or chemicals to the surface with ease. The venturi nozzle simply attaches to the end of your pressure lance, and has an inlet tube that you drop into the chemical/detergent you wish to apply.

Please Note: If you are inspired to purchase some of the pressure cleaning equipment in our article we recommend you speak to an authorised distributor. The following accessories may not be compatible with your equipment.

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