Pressure Cleaning: Equipment Makes All The Difference

Pressure Cleaning: Equipment Makes All The Difference

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Are you searching for a pressure cleaning contractor? Are you confused about the different choices and alternate methods to high pressure clean outdoor surfaces? To help you make an informed decision about the choosing the correct contractor, please read our article. We’ll briefly talk about the importance of professional equipment and accessories.

Professional Equipment: Makes All The Difference

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To help you make an informed decision, you should always ask a contractor about their equipment. A contractors capacity to high pressure clean a surface or wash away a stain can be limited because of their equipment. You should always ask a contractor about their procedures and equipment before they commence.

Important Pressure Cleaning Equipment Includes:

a) Whirl-A-Way’s Save You A World Of Time!

You should ask if a contractor intends to use a whirl-a-way, literally, they save the world of time. Your contractor should always use a whirl-a-way to high pressure clean surfaces such as driveways, pathways and most other hard surfaced floors. A whirl-a-way not only saves time but provides an even clean, avoiding any chance of causing ‘zebra marks’ or streaks on your surface. These devices are an essential for any contractor.

b) High Pressure Cleaners – LPM vs PSI?

An important question should always be about the type of pressure cleaner a contractor uses. Despite a range of brands available, you won’t need to worry about brand names, but more so about the machines output. Ask questions about pounds per square inch (PSI) and litres per minute (LPM). As a general rule of thumb respective figures should be a minimum of 3500 PSI and 15 LPM. If you need stains such as oil stains removed you should ask if their machines are equipped with hot water boilers or steam generators.

c) Detergents, Bubbles and Foam

You don’t wash your clothes using the washing machine and water, offcourse you use laundry detergents and so should your contractor. You should always what type of detergents you’re contractor intends to use, weather or not if they are environmentally friendly. The use of detergents and or chemicals is imperative to pressure cleaning.

We hope that you’ve found the following article helpful, and use the information to make informed decisions about contractors. If you would like to organise a quote for high pressure cleaning, please contact us on 1300 434 969 or visit our website.

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