Ensuring the Best Care for Your Floor With Concrete Sealing and Cleaning

Ensuring the Best Care for Your Floor With Concrete Sealing and Cleaning

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It would be great if the elements of our properties were set and forget. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and the immense amount of money you spend acquiring real estate is not the end of the bill. Rather, we need to spend time, and yes, money, caring for our property to ensure it looks its best, maintains its value and avoids expensive repair bills. Quickly Please Cleaning can help our customers to tick those boxes with concrete sealing and cleaning.

The best way to care for the concrete areas of your home or business is with concrete sealing and cleaning. Read on to understand the important stuff all concrete owners must know.

A little care goes a long way

Exterior concrete is robust. It also looks great, which is probably why you chose it. However, it does not naturally take care of stain repellency, dust reduction, abrasion, or chemical resistance. Therefore, to maintain the as-new appearance for your concrete regular concrete sealing and cleaning is required.

Concrete is a porous material, and when exposed to the various elements along with foot traffic, it can degrade quickly. With concrete, you want to avoid discolouration or high levels of damage that may bring replacement costs to the forefront quicker than necessary. Our professional concrete sealing services are all about ensuring longevity, and great aesthetics are included in that.

Luckily, concrete sealing and cleaning are not big jobs that require a lot of time or money. However, with concrete, a little bit of regular professional care really does go a long way.

The costs involved in concrete care

Concrete sealing and cleaning is an investment and one that saves you from the high cost of replacement. In addition, professional concrete sealing services and scheduled cleaning will also save you, personally, a lot of time.

This all needs to be considered when you determine what the acceptable prices for this maintenance will be. Specific costs will vary based on your space, but what else are you actually paying for when you get a professional to perform the task? If sealed incorrectly, your concrete remains exposed.

The use of the wrong cleaning chemicals or sealers can cause more damage than they solve, which is why some DIY tasks can end up costing more money than they save. When a professional concrete sealing company like Quickly Please Cleaning offers competitive and cost-efficient prices, you need to consider the knowledge, access to the correct cleaning and sealing materials and tools, and time that you will be saving.

Protecting your concrete’s aesthetic

You want your concrete to look its best all year round. After all, it takes up significant visual space around your home or business. Interestingly enough, concrete sealing (depending on the type of sealer you apply) will not only protect your surface but enhance it! When a solvent-based acrylic resin sealer is used, the colour of your concrete surface can be given a small boost along with a wet or high-gloss finish.

A water-based acrylic resin sealer with a satin finish will also do a similar job. If you apply a urethane coat over epoxy you can tweak the finishes even more opting for matte, gloss or opaque looks.

Making the right decisions

As there is no shortage of available sealers, chemical cleaners, cleaning and sealing methods and instructions on how to do all of this online, it can be tricky to make sure you make the right decisions. This is yet another benefit of calling in the pros.

Your concrete type will determine your sealer type. Reactive chemical sealers last around 10 years, with epoxy or urethane sealers landing anywhere between 5 to 10 years and Acrylic-resin offering 1 to 3 years of protection. All of this, of course, varies depending on usage and how exposed to the elements your concrete areas are.

The type of sealer also determines the specific protection that it provides. For example, some sealants will repel water, some are great for oil stains, and high-performance epoxy or urethane sealers are essentially an all-rounder.

Confused? We don’t blame you; it’s a lot to consider. Our expert team has the answers, however. We can also ensure one final element, which is also the most important of them all…

Making sure you use environmentally friendly sealing and cleaning processes

Here at Quickly Please Cleaning, we make a point to ensure any effect on the environment as a result of sealing, and cleaning is considered. Concrete is a green building component already, and this extends when a concrete sealer and environmentally-friendly cleaning chemicals are used.

It is important that you put environmental care at the forefront of whatever sealing option or cleaning process you choose. This is the last benefit of professional help that we will mention. A team like ours ensures that you are not causing any harm to the environment in the process of cleaning and protecting your property.

Make the simple choice and speak to Quickly Please Cleaning today

The goal of concrete protection for your home or business is a smart one, and the professionals at Quickly Please Cleaning can help. We have all of the answers you need along with many years of experience. We guarantee concrete protection, longevity and the finest aesthetic possible, maintaining your home’s and avoiding expensive replacements.

We’re always on-hand to talk tips and apply our in-depth cleaning and sealing knowledge to your situation. Ask us about regular maintenance and sealing for any flooring surface types and let the skilled team from Quickly Please Cleaning offer a cost-efficient solution every time. Contact us today and give your concrete the protection and care that it deserves.