Driveway Cleaning – An Instructional Guide To Stain Removal

Driveway Cleaning – An Instructional Guide To Stain Removal

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In this article you’ll find a ‘how-to-instructional guide’ to driveway cleaning – specifically our posting is going to focus on the removal of stubborn stains and is designed to offer practical advice to help you achieve professional results. Additionally, our article is going to briefly discuss the importance of sealing your driveway.
Driveway Cleaning

Your driveway contributes a significant amount to the curb appeal of your property, and we understand just how frustrating it is when you notice a stain on your driveway! Well, guess what? We’re here to help you – whether you’d like to attempt the job yourself or if you’d prefer to simply call in the driveway cleaning professionals.
Oil Stain Removal

If you’ve recently noticed a collection of oil on your driveway, initially you’ll need to recover all excess oil prior to cleaning – we recommend that you use saw dust, dried sand or kitty litter to do so.
You’ll need to apply a heavy-duty degreaser to the surface, and manually brush the affected area of the driveway using a hard bristle broom.
After you’ve allowed the chemical to penetrate the surface for several minutes, you should then proceed to use a high pressure steam cleaner to remove the remaining stain from the surface.
If the stain persists, you should repeat steps 2 and 3 until the stain is removed.

If you follow these simple to do steps you can to achieve professional driveway cleaning results. So what are you waiting for, why don’t you get out there and try it yourself.
Efflorescence Removal

Purchase a container of muriatic acid, a pair rubber gloves, air respirator and protective eye wear.
You’ll need to dilute the muriatic acid to a ratio of 10:1
Apply the solution to the affected area and continuously agitate the area using a hard bristle broom.
Dependent on the amount of efflorescence you’ll need to continually reapply and agitate the solution until all traces of the stain are removed.
To complete you stain removal process, simply thoroughly rinse the affected area and the remainder of driveway.

Please Note: efflorescence appears as a powdery white substance on your driveway and is caused by moisture rinsing away salts that found in your underlying surface, and can be prevented by sealing your driveway – we’d also like to stress the importance of extreme caution in your use and application of hazardous chemicals throughout the duration of driveway cleaning project.
Driveway Sealing

The application of protective sealers to your driveway is an important procedure, that’s often overlooked by many homeowners. It’s a cost effective solutions that can save you hours of back breaking labour where you spend all your weekends cleaning your driveway – because sealers act prevent these stains from occurring in the first place.

So after you’ve completed your weekend driveway cleaning project ensure that you contact a member of our staff to arrange a quotation for the sealing of your hard surface today.

If you’d like further information about any of our driveway cleaning or sealing packages please don’t hesitate to contact our offices today 0431 585 783 – and remember we also offer external house washing and roof restoration services, so why don’t you let us help you look after all of your exterior cleaning requirements.

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