Sandstone Cleaning: Why Hire a Sandstone Cleaning Specialist

Sandstone Cleaning: Why Hire a Sandstone Cleaning Specialist

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If you have sandstone surfaces in your home or business, you are likely quite the fan of their visual appeal. It’s probably why you chose them in the first place! We get it, sandstone is amazing. It manages to be both striking and elegant at the same time, while also offering a robust material that will provide longevity you can enjoy.

That being said, none of this works without the correct maintenance and cleaning for your sandstone. You may be thinking, “no problems, I’ll just whip out the old high-pressure hose and handle my sandstone cleaning on the weekend.”

Bad idea.

Firstly, do you really want to spend your precious weekend cleaning? Secondly, you could do some serious and expensive damage to your precious sandstone if you clean it incorrectly. Professional sandstone cleaning is the safest option, read on to learn why.

The pitfalls of DIY sandstone cleaning

When it comes to sandstone cleaning, there is a reason why companies like Quickly Please Cleaning offer a highly specialised service. The process involves more than just cleaning, as sandstone requires restoration and preservation to offer the longevity it is indeed capable of.

It is unlikely that your DIY approach includes the necessary steps to restore and preserve your sandstone, ultimately causing more harm than good, wasting time on cleaning, and possibly even money on repairs.

Sandstone cleaning requires specific cleaning products and equipment along with a precise cleaning method that only a trained and experienced natural stone cleaning company can provide. You may need to restore stones that are stained, as sandstone is particularly susceptible to absorption, and without the proper training and knowledge, your DIY attempt will likely fail.

Avoiding these issues with a sandstone cleaning specialist

The wear and tear of your sandstone, especially if it is in a high-traffic area means the surfaces are slowly stripped away. This leads to a worn look that many home and business owners mistake for dirt that cannot be cleaned away.

Interestingly, regular and correct cleaning can help avoid damage as moss, algae, and other acidic substances that ruin the stone are dealt with on a recurring basis. Your sandstone requires a regular level of protection from liquids and oils that can be absorbed rapidly, staging your stone.

A professional sandstone cleaner applies their in-depth knowledge and experience to a specific process that offers the correct deep clean of your sandstone which will not degrade the stone in the process. The unique challenges of cleaning sandstone mean that specific cleaning products, equipment and expertise are vital. 

We’ll take a guess that you don’t have commercial-grade sandstone cleaning equipment in the back shed? If you were to hire it, do you know how to use it safely? If the answer to these two questions is no, we have yet another reason why the task is best left to the professionals.

Using the right equipment and applying the correct sealing solution without scratching the stone is the only way to achieve a high-quality finish, and the correct clean that maintains your stone.

Think about your precious weekend!

The welfare of your sandstone aside, let’s also think about you! Cleaning isn’t the best way to spend your downtime, so it seems like a no-brainer to outsource, saving you time and guaranteeing a quality result in the process. You may also be in a situation where you need your sandstone cleaned quickly so you can open up the area for use by guests or the general public in a commercial setting. This is where the professionals, who have an efficient cleaning process, can shorten the duration of the task.

It is important to consider time when calculating the cost and ROI on DIY works. The overall cost-saving benefit of a professional service goes beyond the condition and replacement of your natural stone. Let us save you time, energy and stress!

Utilising the correct cleaning products

This is a big one and many people make the mistake of thinking all cleaning products are fine for all surfaces. This couldn’t be further from the truth! High-quality cleaning products for stone are not standard inclusions in the supermarket cleaning section, plus they are very expensive.

These costs are included when you hire a professional team so you don’t have to worry about finding the latest industry-standard sandstone cleaning products, and you also don’t have to fear the wrong ones damaging your material.

Further to this, another important element of the cleaning process is sealing. This is crucial when dealing with sandstone as liquid, grime, oil, and other potential threats are much more likely to stain an unsealed surface. 

Speak to our professional cleaning specialists about gaining access to the most advanced sealers on the market. We know how to find the right products for your situation, inclusive of how your sandstone is used, to ensure there is an invisible barrier around your sandstone preventing permanent damage.

Speak to Quickly Please Cleaning about your sandstone today

Pass the task to the professionals and guarantee the restoration and protection of your sandstone to increase the value of your property and extended timeframe longevity of its use.

The natural appeal of sandstone is what drew you to it in the first place, and this can be maintained with regular maintenance and cleaning. Speak to our professional sandstone cleaners about a regular maintenance schedule so you’ll never have to worry about it again.

Quickly Please Cleaning are the experts when it comes to cleaning and sealing sandstone correctly. Simply contact us about your situation, and we’ll find the best solutions to suit your budget. With our expert team on the case, your sandstone will look its very best, all year round.


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