Concrete Cleaning, Preservation & Maintenance

Concrete Cleaning, Preservation & Maintenance

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Recent advances in technology have radically been able transform the appearance of concrete. Concrete flooring has been transformed with addition of stencils, polishes, designer sealers and additive colour stains. These recent advances in concreting have lead to concrete flooring now being commonly used in the exterior and interior of homes, as it can often provides a unique and distinct finish to any home.

There is a wide variety of concrete finishes and textures including patterns and colours available for both outdoor and indoor use. These finishes can instantly transform the look of any house. Concrete requires regular cleaning and care, in order to prevent the surface from deteriorating. Regular cleaning also ensures that the surface looks as good the day it was installed.

The preferred and suggested method for cleaning large areas of concrete is pressure cleaning. This method offers a quick and efficient method at removing any dirt or grime from the surface. For particularly dirty surfaces high pressure steam cleaning is recommended, this process utilises the additional advantages of hot water and steam to clean the surface.

To further maintain and care for concrete it is important to avoid the surface from forming cracks. Minor cracks often provide a passage for moisture and other contaminants to penetrate underneath the slab of concrete; this additional moisture often leads to movement under the slab and can cause further problems to the surface. Sealers are often recommended as they can prevent erosion and corrosion of the surface.

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