Comparing High Pressure Cleaning Vs Low Pressure Soft Washing

Comparing High Pressure Cleaning Vs Low Pressure Soft Washing

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Perhaps you confused? Have you seen companies advertise expertise in both high pressure cleaning and soft washing, and wandered what they were talking about? Well, the team at quickly please cleaning services are here to help.

We’ll help you distinguish between these two terms, outline their recommended uses and provide heaps of other helpful information about pressure cleaning and exterior house cleaning.

Method of Exterior  Pressure Cleaning

To adequately discuss the topic of our article, we’ll begin by briefly describing each method of exterior cleaning.

To begin a high pressure cleaner takes water from an outdoor tap, and pressurizes the water through a series of water pumps powered by an engine. The water exerted by is much more powerful than that of your garden hose. It can be used to clean many outdoor surfaces such as concrete, pebblecrete, sandstone, bricks, and tiles.

Soft washing doesn’t use excessive pressure or force to clean surfaces. It uses a range of detergents and or chemicals in conjunction with very virtually no pressure or force to clean a surface. soft washing is used in exterior house cleaning services to wash eves, gables, painted surfaces, rendering, and facia boards.

This method uses a different type of pump compared to a pressure cleaner. The pump sprays the detergents or chemicals on the surface, rather than pressurizing the water. There is no use of excessive force used throughout the process. The surfaces are then are washed using a very high volume of water at extremely low levels of pressure.

Both of these methods of exterior cleaning are effective, and each has unique advantages and disadvantages.

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High Pressure Cleaning

High pressure cleaning should not be used on exterior painted or rendered surfaces. The power of the pressure washer will damage these surfaces. We would like to point out that despite the use of powerful force of water, a pressure cleaner is safe for use in cleaning driveways, pathways, and most other hard surfaces.

Amongst many of the industry’s leading contractors, it’s very common to advertise and offer both a high pressure cleaning and soft washing. As we have highlighted each of these methods are suited to different surfaces. Thereby, our conclusion being it would be unwise attempting to argue that one method is better than the other or vice versa.

High Pressure Cleaning Sydney

We hope that you’ve found the following article helpful, and are no longer confused by high and low pressure washing techniques. If you’d like to organise a quote to arrange exterior house washing or high pressure cleaning around your property, please contact us 0431 585 783. 

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