Cleaning Render, Excess Mortar and Cement Smears

Cleaning Render, Excess Mortar and Cement Smears

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Throughout our years of operation, we have received countless calls from distressed homeowners. In many cases, most of the owners are extremely frustrated and would like for us to quickly clean up the mess left by a builder who undertook some concreting or rendering at their property. We can understand their frustration, there’s nothing more unsightly than excess mortar or render smeared over a surface.

In today’s daily post, we have decided to write a short article that outlines the procedure our trained technicians use to clean and remove mortar and render. Just before, we discuss our procedure; we’d like to warn all inexperienced or DIY enthusiasts that extreme caution should be taken if you are attempting this for the first time. The reason why, is because the process requires the use of precise quantities of a hazardous chemical called hydrochloric acid.

If you are unfamiliar with the use of hazardous chemicals, such as hydrochloric acid we recommend that carefully read our recommendations. Our technicians always use the appropriate safety clothing and we’d to insist that you do to. You should always wear acid resistant gloves, suitable eye protection and a breathing respirator to avoid inhaling nasty fumes.
Our Cleaning Procedure

1. Diluting The Acid: Prior to applying the acid to the affected areas, you need to dilute the acid with water. The rate of dilution depends on the severity of the stain that you need to remove. If you are unsure, we always recommend that you try a weak solution initially, and add more acid as required.
2. Applying The Acid: Using a brush apply the diluted acid to the areas of mortar or render and continue to scrub the areas for a about 10 seconds. It’s often required that you repeat the process several times. In cases of particular heavy deposits of render or mortar our technicians combine this process with our pressure washers.
3. Rinsing The Surface: It’s very important that the surface is thoroughly rinsed using allot of water. If there are any plants in close proximity, we recommend that you wash those down as well.

If you’ve got a project that you would like some advice about, please don’t be shy, just write a short comment and one of our staff will get back to you asap.

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