Cleaning Newly Constructed Brick Homes and Walls – Acid Brick Washing

Cleaning Newly Constructed Brick Homes and Walls – Acid Brick Washing

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In the following article, we provide a brief overview of brick laying and the importance of brick cleaning. We provide a step-by-step guide how of the professionals use acid to clean bricks. Cement is an essential material and an integral element in the building industry. Mortar is used to provide your home with its foundation, strength and overall structure.

When a brick layer constructs your home he often undertakes the process at a very rapid speed. Unfortunately, throughout this process there is excess amounts or smears of mortar left over on the brickwork. After the construction phase of building, it is a common industry practice for many builders to utilise the services of a professional acid brick cleaner. These specialised brick and pressure cleaning contractors can efficiently and easily remove these excess smears of mortar from the bricks.

The process of washing bricks through the acid cleaning technique is a specialised services and one that we recommend you don’t attempt yourself. Acid brick cleaning can restore bricks to their original state. The procedure of acid brick cleaning involves the application of precise amounts of a hazardous chemical, a wire brush and high pressure cleaning equipment. The high pressure cleaning equipment needs to be commercial grade.
The professional brick cleaning process:

The process beings with the initial step of scraping off excess concrete from the surface with a hard wire brush.
Dependent on the condition of the surface various amounts of diluted hydrochloric acid are applied to the surface with a hard wire broom.
To assist in the removal of excess concrete, the chemicals are agitate by repeatedly scrubbing the affected areas.
The surface is washed using a high pressure cleaner. In some cases the above steps may need to be repeated if the mortar is not removed.
The chemicals are neutralised.

The above steps are a simplified version of the process used by professional. Although it looks relatively simple we highly recommend you don’t attempt to clean the bricks yourself. We wish to point out that incorrect pressure cleaning techniques can permanently damage the surface. While in accurate chemical dilutions can have catastrophic affects.

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