Cleaning, Maintenance and Restoration Of Your Roof

Cleaning, Maintenance and Restoration Of Your Roof

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Roofs are a very important element of your home; they provide protection and the essential structural support for your home. Roofs are constantly exposed to the harsh environmental conditions, and require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure they can still provide your home with continued protection from the outdoor elements.

Due to constant exposure to rain; moisture can often be retained within your roof, which promotes and accelerates the rapid growth of mould, moss and lichen; the growth of these contaminants can rapidly deteriorate and decay the condition of your roof, leaving it susceptible to structural damage.

Preventative maintenance often involves regular roof cleaning, which is often undertaken with professional pressure washing equipment. Yearly examination of your roof should be undertaken in order to identify and replace any damaged tiles, while it is also important to examine the state of the ridge caps between tiles.

Undertaking constant examination and minor roofing repairs is a highly recommended cost-effective procedure which will improve the long term lifespan of your roof.

Roof cleaning is a specialised trade which requires specific pressure washing equipment and cleaning accessories which are designed not to damage to the surface.

Common Roof Surfaces Include:

Colour bond Metal
Terracotta Tiles
Cement Tile

Specific manufactory guidelines each outline different cleaning methods for each surface in order to prevent damage. Individuals attempting D-I-Y roof cleaning tasks should always seek professional advice prior to commencing the task.

Roof restoration can be undertaken on cement roof tiles after thoroughly pressure cleaning the surface. Restoration services can completely transform the appearance and presentation of a property, through renewed and vibrant colours.

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