Building Façade Cleaning: The Importance Of Choosing Insured Pressure Washing Contractors

Building Façade Cleaning: The Importance Of Choosing Insured Pressure Washing Contractors

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Are you a business owner? Are you wondering why you should clean your building’s facade? The notion of aesthetics springboards to mind for many us, as we all know a clean building looks much better than an old run down tiered exterior. A clean facade provides a more hospitable appearance to your business and can positively affects customers perceptions. A building looks at is very best when maintained by a professional pressure cleaning company.


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Pressure Cleaning the Building Facade

Building facades warrants a certain amount of attention and care. A buildings location, and surrounding environmental conditions play a role in developing a building maintenance program. Pressure cleaning the facade provides additional benefits, aside from the obvious aesthetics.

A clean surface enables a trained manager to accurately examine the condition of the masonry surfaces. An assessment of the building enables problem areas to be identified and repaired – preventing further structural damage. A very cost effective procedure to reducing overhead costs of building maintenance involves a high pressure cleaning schedule.

A very important part of building facade cleaning – often overlooked by many includes, choosing a licensed and insured contractor. To help building managers and business owners, please read our very short list of questions that you should ask any contractor.

A) are you licensed, and work cover compliant.
B) are you insured, can you forward a certificate of currency.
C) can you provide a list of previously completed projects.
D) do you undertake a work risk assessment before commencing any works.

You should always ensure the contractor is covered for working at unlimited heights. Some pressure cleaning contractors public liability cover is only available up to 9meters. You should always double check their policy covers operations at any heights.

Other area’s a building manager should ask about include: cleaning procedures, and operation procedures. Detecting an incorrect procedure may save you thousands in repair costs. You should also have a complete understanding of the operation practices. Choosing a unlicensed or uninsured contractor could leave you out of pocket, and in some cases may leave you susceptible to charges.


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