An Overview Of High Pressure Water Cleaners

An Overview Of High Pressure Water Cleaners

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Are you curious to learn about the equipment that a professional water blasting or exterior pressure cleaning contractor uses on a daily basis? In the following blog posting, you’ll find a broad overview of high pressure water cleaners, ranging from domestic, to commercial and industrial grade, hot and cold water, to waste water recovery and recycling .

We’d like to begin our exploration of water blasters, by providing a quick overview of your average or standard residential pressure washer. These types of machines are very portable and easy enough for any DIY enthusiast to understand. In terms of engine and pump specification’s these machines on average exert around 1800PSI at about a rate of 6L/min. These types of high pressure cleaners are suitable for small tasks, such as cleaning your car, blasting grime off of your pavers and cleaning algae from sandstone.

We hope you’re enjoying your journey through the world of pressure cleaners, as we are going to detour from residential equipment to that of a professional contractor. In our industry, it’s not uncommon for a contractor to have their equipment permanently mounted or bolted to a small truck, trailer or van. Quite simply, these machines have been designed to undertake serious high pressure cleaning tasks, and can be used for factory floor cleaning, building facade washing and residential services such as driveway and roof cleaning. In terms of engine and pump specifications, most contractors operate machinery that exerts more than 4000PSI at about 21L/min.

In order to gain a competitive advantage or a major point of differentiation between their company and another, many contractors are further investing into additional accessories, such as water boilers, water recovery vacuum’s and water recycling systems. There are many contractors in the industry that are increasingly ensuring that there systems are hot water capable – this means that there machines not only exert an amazing 4000PSI, but output water at temperatures in excess of 100 °C.

There are also companies that are responding to corporate and government demands and operating water recovery and recycling plants for a 100% environmentally friendly exterior high pressure cleaning service. These systems can recover about 90% of all water exerted by their machines and recycle the water for it to be reused in the process. Basically, its the same water being used over and over to clean surfaces.

We hope that you enjoyed your brief journey through the world of pressure cleaning. If you enjoyed our blog posting, than please feel free to leave a comment! We love receiving feedback from all of our readers. If you require the services of a professional exterior pressure cleaning company, than please call the head office of Quickly Please Cleaning Services on 0431 585 783.

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