Exterior Soft Wash Exterior House Washing

Exterior Soft Wash Exterior House Washing

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Exterior house washing is a specialized service provided by high pressure water cleaning contractors. Traditionally, exterior house cleaning involved high pressure cleaning. In early 2000 a new and improved system was developed, the ‘soft wash’.

The development of the ‘soft wash’ technique has dramatically changed the pressure cleaning industry. In the following article we discuss the advantages of soft washing.

The soft wash house cleaning procedure was developed to provide a risk-free procedure to clean painted surfaces. Operators and contractors can now provide home owner’s with peace of mind – delicate painted surfaces can be cleaned without any risk of damage.

Soft Wash Method of Exterior House Washing

The ‘soft wash’ method has quickly become widely used in the industry and is the recommend procedure for exterior house washing.Traditional house washing procedures required high pressure.

These procedures were abrasive and risked damaging the exterior surfaces of the home. We can understand why exterior house washing was considered unpopular among homeowners. Following these services the homeowner had to incur additional expenses and maintenance costs.

The ‘soft wash’ technique involves applying specially formulated chemicals or detergents to the surfaces you wish to clean. These chemicals and detergents penetrate the dirt, mould and grime. The surface is brushed with a broom.

The process is completed by washing away the contaminants using low pressure. The best part is you don’t need excessive force to wash away the dirt and grime. This process has completely eliminated the requirement for using high pressure in exterior house washing.

Detergents for Exterior House Washing

These specially formulated detergents do all of the hard work. The detergents breakdown the contaminants enabling them to be washed off.

Exterior house washing detergents and chemicals are fast acting substances which can efficiently clean and restore the presentation of your home instantly. The best part is the has been a range of eco-friendly detergents. These detergents are non-toxic and will not harm you, your pets or your garden.

What Is Soft Washing Used For?

• Vinyl Cladding
• Exterior Painted Surfaces
• Shingles
• Roofs
• Timber
• Asphalt
• Shade Sails
• Weather Boards
• Eaves
• Gutters

Exterior house washing has quickly become a popular maintenance service amongst many proud home owners. Numerous real estate agencies often highly recommend pressure cleaning and house washing prior to selling. For further information about house washing visit our website https://www.quicklypleasecleaning.com.au