A Users Guide To The Types Of Available Pressure Cleaning Nozzles

A Users Guide To The Types Of Available Pressure Cleaning Nozzles

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If you’re a frequent visitor of our website, love reading our articles or check out our blog on a daily basis, then we are sure that by now you’ve become aware of the fact that pressure washers are amazingly versatile machines that can be used to clean a wide range of outdoor surfaces. Throughout today’s article we’re going to explore a very essential and functional piece of your pressure washer; it’s cleaning nozzle and explain to you why it’s such an important piece of equipment.

To put it simply your nozzle is not just that insignificantly undersized accessory located at the end of your lance. It rather serves a very important role of regulating and pressurizing the exerted water pumped from your machine. There are many different types of nozzles available; often many of these are included in your package when you purchased your machine from your local hardware store. If for any reason at all they were not included, then were sure that they are available for purchase as an additional accessory.

Today’s most commonly used pressure cleaning nozzles are coded by specific colours and act to help users quickly and easily distinguish the between them. If you’re asking yourself why you would need so many nozzles to pressure clean a driveway, after all it’s not rocket science, were certainly glad that you’ve found this following article. There are subtle, but very important differences between them, and it’s even more important that choose the correct type to suit your situation. In many cases an incorrect choice and subsequent use can potentially damage your surface and end-up creating more harm then good.

It’s often commonly associated with many domestic-grade machines, to include at least a minimum of three of four different types of pressure nozzles. We have a provided a short, but concise list that overviews the differences between them and the recommended applications for that particular type to help you decide between them all.

Red 0° – Creates a stream of pressurized water designed to generate the most impact when cleaning a surface. This type is ideal for the cleaning and removal of render, rust and many other stains from a range of outdoor surfaces.

Green 25° – Most commonly referred to as the ‘all rounder’ nozzle, because it offers you a greater width of cleaning area and moderate to intense levels of power. This type is ideal for the cleaning most hard surfaces around your property, such as driveways, pathways, concrete and pavers.

Black 40° – It provides the greatest width/angle of water spray and is commonly used to rinse surfaces after washing and/or to apply detergents to the area prior to cleaning. Please note: that the application of detergents or chemicals requires your machine to have a chemical injection system. If your system dosn’t current incorporate a chemical injection applicator you can purchase one and have your technician install it for you.

In Additional to these, there are also particular types of nozzles that are designed for situational use, such as exterior house washing, gutter cleaning and blasting clear blocked drains. These types are mostly only available for commercial grade machines. However if you would like to purchase any of these please speak to your local store professional to determine if they are suitable for you machine.

To conclude our article, we wish to stress the importance of safety and the necessary precautions that are needed to ensure your safety when you next decide to undertake a pressure cleaning project around your home.

1) Under no circumstances should you direct your pressure lance towards a person, animal or children.
2) Any users should abide by all of the manufactures warnings and precautions
3) Users should correctly wear and make use of ear muffs, protective goggles, and the appropriate safety footwear. We understand that these may be uncomfortable, but please do persist through the discomfort and wear them.

We hope that you’ve found the following user’s guide helpful and educating. If you’ve got a question or would like for one of our staff members to write an article on a specific topic of pressure cleaning or exterior house washing please don’t hesitate to shot us a quick email with your request.

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