A Guide To Roof Restoration Services

A Guide To Roof Restoration Services

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What’s on the top of your home that works effortlessly to protect you from the rain, wind and thunder? Well now of course were talking about your roof tiles – weather their terracotta or cement tiles they form an integral component to the structure of your home.

Unfortunately because many home owners are unable to easily access their roof their surface rapidly deteriorates and starts looks aged and weary. Today’s home owners are fortunate that rapid advances in the roof cleaning industry mean that many these roofs don’t need to be replaced, they can be restored to their former glory for a fraction of the cost.

Roof Restoration – The norm of the pressure cleaning industry

Throughout the previous couple of decades the term ‘roof restoration’ has quickly started to become the norm for those within the exterior pressure cleaning industry and general public. In light of these issues the following article will initially define the popular and emerging term of ‘roof restoration’ and why these services are rapidly becoming very popular amongst home owners and private property managers.

Our article will centralize around a step-by-step procedure for roof restoration (terracotta and cement tiles) as well as thoroughly discuss many other important facets about roofing.

The term ‘roof restoration’ refers to a process that incorporates a three step procedure that involves the repairing, cleaning and the re-coating/painting of a roof. In today’s modern world services such as professional roof cleaning and exterior house washing are starting to become very popular.

Increasingly the demands of our modern lifestyles have resulted in many individuals becoming time-poor and unable to manage their work-life balance. While these in-balances in our lifestyle continue to be the greatest contributing factor why many individuals simply choose to outsource such exterior pressure cleaning and roofing repairs to a team of professionals.

The Roof Restoration Process

  1. Application of an anti-fungal solution to the entire roof. Please Note: a very important procedure that breaks down any of the traces, spores or growth of lichen from the surface.
  2. Examine the roof to identify and replace any broken, damaged or chipped tiles on the roof.
  3. The use of a high pressure water cleaner to blast away any dirt, grime or lichen from the roof. Importantly any leaves, dirt or other debris should be removed from the surrounding gutters and downpipes.
  4. Any surrounding windows, exterior walls or pathways should be washed. Please Note: This is often required after pressure cleaning your roof.
  5. Repairing any damaged or deteriorated ridge capping through re-pointing and re-bedding. Please Note: a very important procedure if your roof was built prior to or during the 1990’s due to inferior being products used for re-pointing during these periods. Today’s modern products offer flexibility and protect your ridge capping from structural damage.
  6. To protect the roof from the elements a water-based primer or enamel sealer is applied to the surface. Please Note: Importantly the roof surface should be completely cleaned – including the removal of any leaves or other debris as these contaminants can affect the quality and durability of the primer or sealer.
  7. To conclude the surface is waterproofed through the application of a roofing membrane or to transform the appearance of concrete roof tiles a acrylic membrane coats (that come in a range of colors) can be applied to improve the overall aesthetics of your home and property.

These types of services offer home owners a complete solution to all of your roofing concerns, they continue to protect your roof for the next 10 -15 years. Therefore professional roof cleaning and restoration are an ideal solution that offers you; the home owner with total piece of mind.
Why You Should Restore & Clean Your Roof?

a) Thinking of selling your home? Would you like to increase the value of your property? There are hundreds of real estate agents that highly recommend to their vendors to hire a contractor to undertaking tasks such as roof cleaning and minor repairs.

b) Would you like to be protected from the harsh outdoor elements? Well why don’t you weather-proof your home and ensure that you’re always protected from the rain, wind and powerful Australian sun.

c) Do you like the idea of cost-effective solutions? When you clean and repair your roof you are extending the life of your tiles and prolonging the time between the requirement to replace all of the roof tiles.

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