A Guide To Faux-Brick Cleaning, Maintenance & Preservation

A Guide To Faux-Brick Cleaning, Maintenance & Preservation

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If you are in the designing, building or construction phase of your home we are sure that you are considering, or have decided what surface you would like to use for the construction of your driveway. Our research suggests that many of you have decided to opt for a stencilcrete (faux-brick) driveway. Stencilcrete driveways are eye-catching, and offer a unique design solution for the entrance of your home.

In light of these issues we have decided to write a brief overview or ”how-to-guide” about maintaining your stencilcrete driveway. Too conclude our posting, we are briefly going to discuss the importance of why you should maintain your driveway.

How to maintain your driveway
1. High pressure cleaning

A fundamental aspect to maintaining your driveway is high pressure cleaning. A high pressure cleaner (or more commonly referred to as a gerni) is a very efficient way to remove dirt, grime and mould from the surface and restore the original look of your driveway. It is extremely important that all stains, such as oil stains or tyre marks are removed from the surface, failure to remove such contaminates dramatically reduces the effectiveness of the sealer, that we recommend you apply. In most cases, we highly recommend that you contact a professional driveway cleaning company, rather than attempting to do it yourself. The use of commercial grade equipment, chemicals and detergents ensures your surface is adequately prepared for the application of the sealer.
2. Protective sealing

Applying a protective coating, is a cost-effective measure that protects your driveway form deterioration, premature colour saturation and structural damage. We cannot highly recommend the use of sealers for stencilcrete driveways. Without any protective coatings your driveway is susceptible to the elements of mother nature and which deteriorate your driveway at a very rapid rate. We’d like to stress the importance of thoroughly pressure cleaning your driveway before the application of any sealer.

To conclude our posting, we want to draw attention to the importance of driveway maintenance and the cost-effectiveness of implementing such practices, as we have described above. If you leave your driveway, after many years of neglect, your surface may be beyond the scope of our cleaning services. In such cases it may require a complete resurface.

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