How to fix common concrete sealer problems

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Concrete sealing has become a popular option for residents and business owners alike. Used to seal driveways, garages, pathways and flooring, it is great for increasing slip resistance, protecting concrete surfaces from deterioration and improving ease of concrete cleaning. However, sealing can backfire for a number of reasons and this can rarely be resolved just

Is It Safe and Worth Sealing Concrete Driveways?

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Your concrete driveway is robust, but even a long-lasting solution like this requires protection and maintenance to ensure longevity. With concrete sealing, Sydney residents can protect the porous nature of their concrete driveway. This small amount of post-installation conditioning and regular maintenance is well worth avoiding the cost of replacement sooner rather than later. The

How to Remove Oil From a Concrete Driveway?

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Unfortunately, those with concrete driveways know that oil stains from your vehicle are somewhat inevitable. The experts at Quickly Please Cleaning know exactly how to rectify this and are the tried and tested option for concrete cleaning Sydney turns to for results. To help, we have outlined some DIY methods that you can try to

Natural Stone Care & Maintenance

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It’s no secret; natural stone improves a home. This robust and popular flooring option is a staple in modern design trends and a great match for homes of all types. Its amazing look does not come without some work; however, as the stone’s porous nature means some careful care and maintenance is vital. Regular natural

How to Recognise an Expert at Tile Sealing

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If you are one of the many homeowners who have tiles and are looking at effective ways of protecting them - well done. This goes beyond responsible homeownership; it’s simply a smart move. Why would you want to pay for a tile replacement any sooner than you have to, after all? The modern, stylish look

How to Restore the Shine of Floor Tiles

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You have likely noticed that your tiled flooring will lose its shine over time due to things like dirt, stains and wear. Dirty flooring affects the aesthetic of the whole room, but how do you maintain that lovely shine? Quickly Please Cleaning provides the finest tile cleaning services Sydney can access, making them the experts

The Ultimate Guide to Concrete Sealing from the Experts

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If there is one thing that the expert team here at Quickly Please Cleaning always stands by for our customers, it's the vital importance of concrete sealing. It makes sense, and plenty of concrete owners know they need it, but choosing a concrete sealer, and understanding the importance of the correct process of application are

The Benefits of Professional Concrete Sealing and Cleaning

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Concrete is a robust and versatile building material perfect for foundations and outdoor driveways, pathways and living spaces. Still, concrete is not indestructible, and it is important to perform regular cleaning to make sure your concrete’s structural integrity and aesthetic are not compromised. It is also advisable to apply a protective coating, or sealant, to

Concrete Sealing: Frequently Asked Questions

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You may have been told that it is important to have concrete sealing done on your various surfaces, but do you know why? Many people understand that they probably need a concrete sealer, but are unsure of which one to choose, how to apply it, and a range of other answers to concrete sealing questions.