Sandstone Surface Cleaning Service

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Sandstone Surface Cleaning Service

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There is no question that the beauty of sandstone pavers and any sandstone surface—whether it be in your interiors or exteriors—is timeless. Sandstone blocks carved out of the ground have been there since time immemorial.

As a sedimentary rock, sandstone is composed of sand-sized rock grains and minerals. Most varieties of sandstone are composed of quartz and feldspar, considered one of the most common minerals in the planet, next to gypsum, calcite, gypsum, and other iron compound varieties. Just like sand, sandstone comes with a granular texture and in a variety of colours. The most common sandstone colours include yellow, brown, red, tan, pink, grey, as well as white.

As with any surface, sandstone floors and pavers are prone to staining, scratching, and fracturing. Professionals recommend sandstone tiles and surfaces should be allowed to breathe instead of suffocating them with synthetic coatings and sealers. Some of these harmful chemicals and solutions may cause for the natural stone to grow brittle or discolor and eliminate that timeless beauty and elegant look they naturally have.

To maintain the polished and honed appearance of your sandstone surface, professional regular maintenance is required to maintain the honed or polished appearance of sandstone. While some homeowners prefer on getting their sandstone paver or floor on a high shine finish, sandstone looks best with a medium polish or low sheen appearance.

Quickly Please Cleaning provides a complete line of sandstone cleaning, protecting, and sealing services. Our team of professional stone technicians are fully equipped with the latest in natural stone cleaning and sealing paraphernalia and equipment that helps for a faster and more efficient completion of your job order.

Get a quote for your sandstone cleaning and sealing project over the phone or we can always go over your property and discuss your job requirements in details. Find more details about our cleaning and sealing services at our Protection – Sealers and Coating Solutions section.
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Our team of natural stone specialists from Quickly Please Cleaning are highly skilled and licensed to apply these proprietary cleaning and sealing solutions and guarantee your total satisfaction on every natural stone cleaning and sealing project they do for you.

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