What You Must Do In Preparation Prior To A Professional House Washing Service

Today’s innovative soft-wash or low pressure exterior house cleaning procedure is rapidly becoming popular amongst many home owners throughout the Sydney metropolitan area. In view of the recent surge and growing popularity of exterior house washing, we have decided to compile a collection a helpful hints that any homeowner should make use of before their property is professionally cleaned.

Tip 1: Any clothes should be removed from the clothes line to avoid contact with any of chemicals or detergents that are used throughout the cleaning process.

Tip 2: Importantly tenants should ensure that all of the properties windows, doors and garages are closed to prevent any water from entering the home.

Tip 3: If you are aware of any areas that are prone to leaking place towels or clothing at such points to prevent any water from entering the home.

Tip 4: Any electrical components should be covered to dramatically reduce the chance of any water damage.

Tip 5: We encourage homeowners to remove any pieces of outdoor furniture surrounding the property – including pots, plants, children’s equipment, barbeque’s, etc

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