Removing Oil Stains From Your Driveway

Stains are unsightly and greatly detract from the appeal of your property. An oil stain on your driveway can be very frustrating, not only do you have to act quick to ensure you can remove the stain you have to avoid using your driveway so you don’t spread the stain. To ensure complete removal of

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What Can High Pressure Cleaning Do To Help You

A high pressure cleaner can be used to clean many different types of surfaces and is suitable for a range of residential and commercial applications. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve using a stream of highly pressurized water. There are a range of surfaces that you can clean using a pressure washing, and

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First Impressions Count!

Are you selling your home? Irrespective of you’re choice to use a licensed real estate agent, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of your property’s exterior appearance and overall impression. Maximising ‘Curb Appeal’ And Making A Great First Impression. Throughout our years of operation, we have worked with many of the countries leading real estate agents

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Important Aspects To Effective Graffiti Removal

Do you want to learn about graffiti removal? Is graffiti vandalism present in your neighbourhood? Graffiti defaces many public buildings , devalues corporate images and continues to remain a problem faced by authorities all over the world. If you’ve attempted to remove graffiti yourself, we are sure that you’ve learned water, a bucket and a

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Clean Outdoor Pavers With High Pressure Cleaning

Are you celebrating the festive seasons at your home? Do you want to impress your relatives and close friends? Does your home need some tender love and care? Are your pavers starting to look old, grubby and full of weeds? We are here to help! There is a fast and cost-effective solution to cleaning those

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High Pressure Cleaning: Learn How To Do It Right!

Do you love outdoor cleaning? Do you spend all weekend high pressure cleaning and washing your exterior surfaces? Would you like to learn how to achieve professional outdoor cleaning results? In our article you’ll learn about preferred techniques, cleaning agents and heaps of other helpful advice about high pressure cleaning. The 3 P’s: A Simple

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House Washing – Not As Easy As It Looks

Do your exterior surfaces look old and dirty? Have you recently enlisted the services of a professional house washing company? We are sure that the contractor would have used a ‘soft-wash’ method to remove all of that dirt, grime, cob-webs and environmental staining from the surface. You may have noticed that the cleaning procedure looked

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Before and After – Brick Stair Entryway

High Pressure Cleaning and Brick Sealing Service This customer, located in a wetlands area, was frustrated by the constant grime covering their brick entry stairway.  They contacted Quickly Please Cleaning, sent us a photo of the area, we gave a quote over the phone which they accepted and we were out within the week.

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