An A-Z Guide of High Pressure Cleaning

We discuss all aspects of high pressure cleaning – forget the technical jargon and complications our article cuts through the complexities and gets back to the basics. Our article is intended for homeowners who have never heard of high pressure cleaning. We intend to write a series of articles describe an aspect related to high pressure cleaning. We will cover all aspects of high pressure cleaning and guarantee you will become an expert by the end.  Continue reading

Season’s Greetings From QPCS

We would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and happy new year. We have had a very exciting year in 2013. We have built upon our success and will continue to provide a high standard of workmanship 2014. We are very proud of our expansion into Melbourne.

Merry Christmas

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Pure Water Cleaning Systems and Building Façade Cleaning

The façade of a building is what many consider to be the face of the building. High rise buildings are appearing all over the world and as a result building façade cleaning has become an important consideration. Exterior high rise building cleaning includes window washing, painting, protective coatings and high pressure cleaning.

Pure water cleaning systems have become increasingly popular for high rise window cleaning. In our article we focus on the benefits of using pure water for building façade cleaning. Continue reading

Pressure Cleaning To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal This Holiday Season!

Are you celebrating Christmas at home? Would you like to improve your homes curb appeal? We can help you impress your friends and family by having your home sparkling! In our article we discuss a number of ways you can improve your properties curb appeal. Continue reading

Cleaning a Concrete Jungle

Is your property considered a concrete jungle? There are a number of advantages to having concrete all over your yard. You don’t have to spend your weekends gardening or mowing lawns. However, if you own a concrete jungle we are sure you have discovered high pressure cleaning is inevitable. In the following article we discuss everything you need to know about concrete cleaning. There are a number of aspects involved in concrete cleaning and we discuss them all in our article.
concrete cleaning

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How To Clean Mould & Mildew on Outdoor Surfaces

Mould and mildew are microscopic living organisms. Moulds and mildews can grow on a range on indoor and outdoor surfaces. Mould can rapidly grow in a moist and warm environment. Mould and mildew present as a green, grey, black or brown spores or colonies on a surface. In the following article we provide general information about mould, mildew and how it affects your health as well as cleaning procedures to remove spores and colonies.

mould removal, high pressure cleaning, mildew, outdoors

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Benefits of Elevated Working Platforms For Building Façade Cleaning

Elevated working platforms (EWP) provide an innovative way to restore and clean building facades. Elevated working platforms provide operators a safe and secure working place. Work can safely be carried out at heights. In the following article we provide an overview of the benefits of using EWP for building facade cleaning.

EWP Building Facade Cleaning

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